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Using Pressed4Time is easy

Just call us or click on the Request A Pick Up link to schedule your first pick up. Thereafter, simply leave your dry cleaning at the designated home location on your pick up day. You do not need to call or wait for the pick-up, our driver will collect your black bag and deliver your fresh, clean clothes on the next scheduled delivery day.

Pressed4Time has no delivery fees or minimum order requirements.

Your Pressed4Time driver will pick-up and deliver to an easily accessible location, even your back porch or by using your garage key code.


Are you ready to take "go to cleaners” off your errand list?

Just enter your zip code in our local dry cleaning service finder above and request a pick up. We’ll take care of the rest.

Place your items in the bag.

You don't need to be home. Just put your garments in the black Bag on your designated pick up day.

We pick it up.

We'll pick up your Bag that day...

And deliver it back to you.

... and deliver your fresh, clean clothes the next scheduled delivery day.